Sipp Industries Inc. (OTC:SIPC) Stock Gains Momentum: What’s the Buzz?

This morning, investors are likely to look into those stocks that may have come into the news cycle on Tuesday. By that token, it could be a good move on the part of investors to consider taking a look into Sipp Industries Inc. (OTC:SIPC). The path-breaking company is best known for its innovative approach to distributing and manufacturing consumer as well as commercial products in the cannabis industry.

Yesterday, Sipp came into focus after it announced that it had inked a distribution agreement for the SinuSave CBD Nasal Spray with the firm SinuSave. In the news release, the company announced that SinuSave CBD Nasal Spray offered a wide range of CBD nasal spray offerings. The products, offered in 1000 mg and 500 mg strengths, could help transform the wellness industry. It was further noted that through the partnership, it further strengthened the commitment of Sipp Industries towards providing advanced, premium products to consumers who may be looking for innovative health products.

The Chief Executive Officer of Sipp Industries, Jakob Jorgensen, spoke about the development as well. He noted that the partnership was a major new development for the company and stated that everyone at Sipp was proud to have become aligned with a product that could boost the well-being of individuals who want state-of-the art nasal health solutions. In the news release, it was noted that the SinuSave CBD Nasal Spray provided a novel combination of wellness and innovation.

The President of SinuSave, Lou Lobel, spoke about the potential of the product yesterday. He noted that the product was in a position to completely revolutionize the way people approached nasal health. He went on to note that the strategic partnership signed with Sipp would help in reaching many more consumers and empower them accordingly.

Ian Leigh

Ian Leigh is a specialist in analyzing stocks, SEC and OTC filings, and financials of public and privately-held companies. He has played a significant role in M&A activity, consulting with publicly-held firms on acquisitions and divestitures. He also consults on valuations and branding. He lectures at major universities and teaches at specialty financial schools.