Tests Show Verizon Communications Inc.’s(NYSE:VZ) DSS Tech Could Result in Slower 5G Net Wok

Verizon Communications Inc.’s(NYSE:VZ) nationwide 5G network has been found to slower than the LTE network with users even disabling 5G except when there are near mmWave network. According to tests by PC Magazine’s Sascha Sagan, the Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) slows phones and users can only turn 5G off if they want to enjoy fast internet on a 4g LTE network.

Verizon using DSS tech to offer 5G network

The carrier uses the technology to run both 4G LTE and 5G networks which is important for users that cannot still access the full 5G spectrum. Verizon has been focusing on the mmWave network but recently it started rolling a mid-band 5G network that will use DSS and avoid range issues associated with mmWave. However, it seems like the technology is problematic and results in worse performance in some instances for phones that run on 5G mode such as the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and Google Pixel 5.

Verizon’s fast network is based on the 4G LTE network that has been getting faster each year and the ultra-wideband (UWB) high capacity mmWave 5G network. The 4G LTE is often faster than AT&T and T-Mobile’s low band 5G. However, the UWB 5G has limited coverage and often users can see the 4G icon in areas where rivals are displaying 5G.

DSS 5G slower than 4G LTE

The company introduced the DSS-based nationwide 5G in October ad it reuses some 4G channels for 5G. However, 5G phones will often prefer the 5G network and customers will always see the 5G icon but in essence, it is not 5G because it is slower than 4G LTE. A recent test using iPhone 12 Pro showed that DSS 5G is always slower than 4G LTE and it is rarely faster.A similar test in Chicago usingGoogle Pixel 5 also showed that DSS 5G was slower.

Therefore users with 5G phones on Verizon should check to ascertain that they are receiving faster speeds with 5G and if not they should switch it off temporarily as Verizon continues to add 5G spectrum.

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