Therapeutic Solutions International (OTC:TSOI) Stock On The Radar Following Latest News

There have been a number of stocks that have been in focus in recent days for one reason or another, and one of those was Therapeutic Solutions International Inc. (OTC:TSOI). In light of that focus, it may well be a good time now for investors to consider taking a closer look into the company and some of the key developments in recent times.

On July 31, the company announced that it had been issued a Notice of Allowance by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on an application. The application had been made for a unique composition of matter the company had been developing for preventing suicides. The company’s subsidiary unit, Campbell Neuroscience, had been working on the creation of a diagnostic-based method for identifying those patients who may be at risk of suicide. The company used immunology-based assays for this purpose, and those were based on the Campbell Score. The Campbell Score had been validated in previously conducted clinical trials.

Campbell noted that its findings as well as those of independent researchers had provided strong indications that there was a unique neuroinflammation that contributed to suicidal ideation and related actions. The findings had also been supported in the studies into those drugs that may cause brain inflammation in the form of a side effect and often create suicidal thoughts in patients.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Therapeutic Solutions, Timothy Dixon, spoke about the matter as well. He commended the speed at which Campbell had managed to hit its milestones in this particular project.

The company’s other subsidiary, Res Nova Bio Inc., is a breast cancer immuno-oncology entity, and on July 18, Therapeutic Solutions made an announcement about it. The company announced that Res Nova had been successful in identifying a unique mechanism for FloraStilbene, its immuno-oncology-enhancing product. Following the discovery, a patent was also filed by Res Nova. It was noted that the company had managed to demonstrate that if a patient is administered FloraStilbene, it could suppress T cell activity loss that is brought about by the progress of breast cancer.

The company managed to demonstrate that through a series of experiments. The co-inventor of the patent and the company’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. James Veltmeyer, spoke about the developments as well. He noted that he had witnessed firsthand the sort of significant toll that breast cancer took on patients. He went on to note that the data presented by the company, which would go on to form the basis of the potential clinical trial, could possibly help enhance the efficacy of immunotherapy, a wholly new type of medicine.

He also noted that immunotherapy had also been able to cure many forms of cancer that had previously proven to be beyond cure. The CEO, Timothy Dixon, noted that Therapeutic Solutions had a track record of making significant advancements in the field of immunotherapy going back to 2015.

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