Trustfeed Corp (OTCMKTS:TRFE) Stock On Radar After Projecting Strong Growth in 2023

Online reviews are now big business and one of the biggest players in that market is Trustfeed Corp (OTCMKTS:TRFE). The company was in the news this past Friday after it announced that it was expecting further growth and cited a report from McKinsey to drive home the point.

Trustfeed Anticipates Strong Growth in 2023 on McKinsey Online Reviews Analysis

The report from McKinsey noted that online reviews had a considerable impact on the growth of consumer focussed businesses. It had a direct impact on sales as well as revenues. In this context, could be a good idea for investors to perhaps take a closer look at some of the highlights from the report.

McKinsey conducted its analysis on a considerably sized sample of consumer products companies and noted that higher ratings on major e-commerce websites have a direct impact on sales and revenue growth.

The report noted that those products with reviews of 3.7 or higher had fivefold more chance of generating higher reviews than those with lower ratings. The study is expected to have a significant impact on many businesses since they may be prompted to work on their online reputations. Hence, companies like Trustfeed could end up generating more business in the coming years.

Jon Williams

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