Unearthing Penny Stock Potential CAVR, SHMP, ELTP, VPLM

OTC penny stocks, a captivating subset of the stock market, beckon traders and investors with their potential for explosive gains. Operating on the over-the-counter (OTC) market and priced under $5 per share, these small-cap stocks offer an enticing entry point for those seeking higher returns. With their volatile nature and ability to swiftly surge, OTC penny stocks have garnered attention as a thrilling avenue for those willing to embrace risk in pursuit of lucrative opportunities.


ParagonX Holdings (OTC: CAVR) emerges as a compelling investment opportunity in the flourishing land development and construction sector. With a strategic focus on infrastructure projects, the company has recently made a significant announcement that could signal transformative growth and value creation for shareholders.

On July 27, 2023, ParagonX Holdings announced the retirement of 250 million outstanding common shares, representing approximately 15% of the total outstanding shares. This major transaction underpins the company’s commitment to enhancing shareholder value and reinforces its dedication to pursuing outsized goals.

Founded in the late nineties and based in Charlotte, N.C., ParagonX Holdings is a platform land development and construction company with a diverse portfolio of subsidiaries. Through a series of strategic acquisitions, including Asher Homes, Precision Project Management (PPM), and Ruhl Construction, the company has solidified its position as an emerging player in the infrastructure domain.

The recent acquisitions have not only boosted the company’s consolidated revenues to $48 million in 2022 but are projected to contribute to over $60 million in annual revenues and over $8 million in EBITDA. These transformative deals have positioned ParagonX for rapid growth and expanded its majority-owned subsidiary, Hospitality Renovation Services (HRS).

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Grant Edwards, ParagonX Holdings is actively carving a path in the development landscape. With strategic divestments in Sinacori Builders, Monument Real Estate Partners, Drip, and RenuYou subsidiaries, the company is streamlining its operations to focus on its core strengths.

The retirement of outstanding shares, along with the successful completion of recent acquisitions, is indicative of ParagonX’s positive outlook on its future prospects. As the company continues to chart its course towards industry leadership, investors can expect ParagonX to capitalize on the dynamic growth in the land development and construction industries.

As an OTC Penny Stock, ParagonX presents an intriguing investment opportunity for those seeking potentially undervalued assets with strong growth potential. The company’s strategic initiatives, coupled with the recent share retirement, indicate a focused commitment to shareholder value and signal a promising future for ParagonX Holdings.


NaturalShrimp, Inc. (OTCQB: SHMP) has achieved significant milestones in its bid to accelerate the commercialization and production of farm-to-table sushi-grade shrimp.  As the company awaits $105 million in net cash proceeds upon consummating its proposed merger with Yotta Acquisition Corporation (Nasdaq: YOTTA), it already sets sights on unlocking opportunities for growth in Asia.

The biotechnology aquaculture company has signed a licensing agreement with Niterra Co. Under the terms of the agreement, Niterra is to access and trial NaturalShrimp’s patented Electrocoagulation (EC) and Hydrogas™ technologies on their suitability and viability for small-scale shrimp production.

The trial phase serves as a foundation for future collaborations and joint business relationships. Niterra becomes the first company in Asia to license NaturalShrimp’s technology. The trial phase provides a perfect framework to trial the technologies in Asia while providing fresh, naturally grown shrimp.

The strategic partnership in Asia comes at a time when NaturalShrimp is closing in on a proposed merger with Yotta. The two companies are coming together to conduct global marketing campaigns to educate institutional and retail investors about the viability of its system in growing shrimp in an enclosed water system using patented technology.  

Once the deal closes, NaturalShrimp will be the surviving company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Yotta Acquisition.  Yotta is to change its name to NaturalShrimp incorporated.

 Early this year, the company collaborated with Australian companies as part of a prawn farm wastewater trial in Mackay. The collaborative effort with the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and the Australian Prawn Farmers Association focused on evaluating the use of the patented electrocoagulation technology in reducing the total nitrogen in wastewater. The technology has already proved to be effective in removing ammonia and nitrites while producing antioxidative water chemistry.


Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTC: ELTP) has been the subject of renewed action in the market amid a spike in traded shares.  The spike comes against the backdrop of specialty pharmaceutical companies delivering solid fiscal year ended March 31 results.

During the year, consolidated revenues increased 5.9% to highs of $1.9 million. Operating profits came in at $3.7 million, a $1.4 million decline from the prior year’s comparable period. The decline is attributed to a significant increase in research and development spending and increased investment in sales and distribution.

 Elite Pharmaceutical has carved a niche as A specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and manufacturing oral controlled released products using proprietary technology. It also focuses on the development of generic versions of controlled released products with high barriers to entry.

The company owns multiple generic products, some of which are licensed by Prasco LLC and TAGI Pharma. It also operates a cGMP and DEA-registered facility for research and development in Northern Ville, New Jersey.

In April, the specialty pharmaceutical company filed an Abbreviated New Drug Application for an undisclosed generic drug product in a class called antimetabolite. IQVIA delivered annual sales of $42 million for the generic market of the product.

SequestOxTM (ELI-200) Opioid is one of the company’s flagship products under development under the branded category. The treatment option which falls under the pain category awaits regulatory approval under the New Drug Application with the Food Drug Administration.


VoIP-Pal.com Inc. (OTC: VPLM), a company that owns a portfolio of patents relating to Voice over Internet Protocol, has made impressive strides in its litigation against some of the biggest companies in the world.

The company provides classification and routing of communications across various networks and distributed nodes. It also carries out lawful interception of such communications while enhancing emergency calling support services. Its primary customers are in the telephony system business; It also services network suppliers, retail and wholesale carriers.

The patent litigation process has been long and daunting, considering the company is facing companies with trillions of dollars in market capitalization. Nevertheless, the company has made impressive strides as it looks to protect its intellectual properties as part of its broader plan for monetizing them to generate shareholder value.  A recent case dismissal against Google Meta and Samsung has resulted in the termination of all motions for judgment on the pleadings.

 Following the termination of section 101 motions on NDCAL and 8 IPRS, VoIP-Pal.com has succeeded in consolidating its many legal battles. The company must focus its resources and efforts on sorting the other cases out. VoIP-Pal.com cases against Verizon and T Mobile are to continue, with trials scheduled to start in October.