Wearable Health Solutions (OTCMKTS:WHSI) to Benefit from Aging Independent Population

Wearable Health Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS:WHSI) provides seniors greater independence and gives families peace of mind.

American seniors want to stay home and out of residential care facilities. Wearable Health Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS:WHSI) is making that a reality, which is great news for consumers and investors alike. By keeping seniors safer and providing peace of mind for families, WHSI is helping seniors enjoy their golden years in homes they raised their families and made their lives. Through mobile alert devices and support, Wearable Health gives independence and confidence to these seniors. 

Why should seniors abandon their way of life in the years when comfort may be most important and most enjoyable? Medical emergencies like falls and immobility cause the greatest concern for them and their families. They pose the biggest immediate risk for older baby boomers and those who raised them. This is great news for WHSI, because serving this market need, will result in increased sales and a rising stock price.

To help seniors create a more independent life without sacrificing care and safety, WHSI “provides innovative wearable healthcare products, tracking services, and turn-key solutions that enable our users to be proactive with their health, as well as safe and protected at all times.” Wearable Health (WHSI) is creating innovative products and services to strategically compete in the PERS/mHealth space.

The 65+ population makes up 16% of the overall U.S. population and most of them live in non-institutional settings. This demographic has quadrupled in size over the last century, completely changing the market for those who are 65 plus. Among the largest changes this demographic has seen in the last several decades is an increased life expectancy and a greater quality of life. Seniors are staying active, engaged in their communities and social circles, and are staying healthier longer because of it. As such, the standard has shifted from nursing home to family home. This creates loads of opportunity for WHSI, and its distributors.

Not only is this demographic expanding as a population, but the market around supporting and caring for them is growing in direct correlation. Even the smallest sliver of this market would mean exponential growth for WHSI  The $23+ billion mobile health (mHealth) market is made up of myriad products and services, but the monitoring segment of this market is worth in excess of $15 billion and is the fastest-growing segment. 

Mobile health and personal alert devices are the keys to giving the senior community additional decades at home. Wearable Health Solutions (WHSI) creates innovative mobile alert devices that are faster and more accurate than the competition. Consumers want the fastest and most accurate technology the market has to offer, and WHSI is meeting this demand.  

The most innovative companies in the mobile alert device market will be the big winners. Innovation in this market includes three key areas for the senior consumer, which WHSI is focusing on:

·        Fall Detection and Response Times: Medic alert buttons are no longer good enough. It is not safe enough for the client to press a button to alert EMS to an emergency. Fall detection is necessary so that when an event occurs, the device can do all the work.

·        Faster Response Times: In medical emergencies, time is of the essence, especially with older patients. Mobile alert devices must be able to not only sense an event but to alert the response provider immediately.

·        More Accurate Tracking: Finally, in order to respond as quickly as necessary to a client’s emergency, devices must communicate the precise location of the client at the time of the incident.

WHSI’s much-anticipated iHelp 4G MAX benefits:

  • Telehealth-ready 
  • Builds on the advances of its 3G model 
  • Better coverage, faster response times, and pinpoint accurate location tracking. 

Faster, better products win this race, and WHSI is poised to win.

Given their track record and commitment to leading the way in these three key areas of mobile alert devices, WHSI is certainly a stock to watch. Their opportunity for a larger share of the market and even a future acquisition could mean massive gains for investors.

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Adam Tidrow

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