Atacama Resources International Inc. (OTC:ACRL) Stock On Radar After Recent News

The appointment of new directors is almost always seen as a significant development at any company, and hence, it could be a good idea to take a closer look at the announcement made by Atacama Resources International Inc. (OTC:ACRL) yesterday. The company was in focus yesterday after it announced the appointment of as many as three directors. It was revealed that the company’s board of directors had approached William McRae, John Grant, and Greg Praver with regards to directorships at Atacama Resources International. Yesterday, the company announced that all three who had been approached accepted the offers. In light of the appointments, it may be a good time for investors to consider taking a closer look into the credentials of the three new directors.

The company noted in its news release that John Grant had been involved with all facets of the mining and exploration industry for as long as 48 years. His main focus had been on the geophysical elements of the industry. He worked for a number of companies in the sector throughout his career and is a Fellow of the Geological Association of Canada, a member of the PDAC, and a Certified Engineering Technologists of Ontario. The other new director, William McRae, had been involved in the mining industry for as long as 43 years and had worked for a large number of junior exploration companies throughout his storied career. More importantly, he also possesses strong working relationships with all levels of government, from the municipal level to the federal level. He also worked closely with the Ontario Minister of Mines for a long time. Last but certainly not least, Greg Praver has been employed with Atacama Resources International in the capacity of Chief Operating Officer and Director of Investor Relations since December last year.