BioStem Technologies Inc. (OTC:BSEM) Stock In Focus After Completing a Two-Year Audit, Prepares for Uplisting to Senior Exchange

If you are currently looking into innovative niches, then the regenerative medicine space could well be one worth looking into, and one of the companies from the sector that could be of interest is BioStem Technologies Inc. (OTC:BSEM). The regenerative medicine company is involved in the manufacturing, development, and commercialization of placental-derived biologics. On April 24, the company came into focus after it announced that it had been successful in concluding the thorough audits spanning the 2022 and 2023 fiscal years. In the news release, the company noted that the completion of the audits was a major move in its larger aim of uplisting to a senior stock exchange.

The main aim of the audit was to assist BioStem Technologies with the process and timing pertaining to its transition to a fully reporting company with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission so as to focus on fundraising plans for the near future. The ultimate aim of the completed audit had been focused on the uplisting to a senior exchange. The company believes that such an uplisting would help BioStem Technologies strengthen its market position, attract a much larger pool of investors thanks to the size of the senior exchange, and ultimately boost shareholder value.

The Chief Executive Officer of BioStem Technologies, Jason Matuszewski, spoke about the latest move from the company yesterday. He noted that the completion of the thorough two-year audit was an indication of the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance and transparency. The CEO also stated that 2023 was a particularly important year for the company as there was strong revenue growth, which set up the basis for future expansion. He went on to state that there was excitement about the next phase, in which the company planned to uplist to a senior exchange.