Blackwell 3D Construction Corp. (OTC:BDCC) Stock Soars: Here is Why

News about new financing almost always leads to more attention for a company and its stock, which is why it could be a good idea for investors to consider taking a look into Blackwell 3D Construction Corp. (OTC:BDCC) this morning. This past Friday, the company was in the news cycle after it announced that it had decided to launch a Regulation A+, Tier 1 equity financing to raise a maximum of $500,000 by way of a public offering.

In the news release, it was noted that the public offering was a significant event for Blackwell 3D Construction Corp. since it would allow anyone aged 18 or more to invest directly in the company through the purchase of the common stock, which could be freely traded. A copy of the offering circular had also been published on the website of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the company noted.

In this context, it could be a good idea for investors to get a better idea of Blackwell 3D Construction Corp. as a business. It is an innovative 3D house printing technology firm involved in changing the face of the construction industry. The company seeks to do so by producing environmentally responsible 3D-printed homes for a fraction of the cost and time that go into the construction of traditional homes.

The company noted that in the public offering of a maximum of 50 million shares of its common stock, it would be possible for the general public to invest directly in the business. It would also provide Blackwell 3D Construction Corp. with the capital to finance its plan of operations. Additionally, the public offering would also provide the company with the opportunity to boost liquidity as well as the availability of its shares in the public market. It could be a good idea to keep an eye on the stock this morning.

Jon Williams

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