GEMZ Corp. (OTC:GEMZ) Stock In Focus After Latest News

If you are currently looking for companies involved in the sustainable solutions industry, then there are plenty of options to consider, and one of those is GEMZ Corp. (OTC:GEMZ). In light of the developments from last week, the company could be worth tracking this morning. On June 14, the company, a major innovator in the field of sustainable solutions, made a major announcement about BadgerBloX Inc., its subsidiary. It was revealed that BadgerBloX, a specialist in shipping container conversions, was going to provide affordable housing solutions to the Wisconsin Municipality.

It was a major new breakthrough and one that could bring the GEMZ stock into focus today. In the news release, it was noted that the municipality owned a number of city-owned lots and aimed to develop them so as to provide affordable housing for moderate- to low-income households. In this project, BadgerBloX would help the municipality by supplying premium container homes to the residents in the area. The homes would be provided through the HUD’s (Housing and Urban Development) CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Program.

The announcement from BadgerBloX came soon after it announced on May 3 that it had been approved to place bids on and accept United States government contracts. The Chief Executive Officer and President of BadgerBloX, Chris Schrubey, spoke about the development as well. He noted that the aim of the company was to help people, and that is exactly what it was doing. He went on to note that the local administrator had contacted BadgerBloX, seeking the company’s support in the program. The company had been asked to provide affordable yet high-quality living solutions meant for the local community. In light of the latest developments, it could be a good time for investors to keep an eye on the GEMZ stock.

Ian Leigh

Ian Leigh is a specialist in analyzing stocks, SEC and OTC filings, and financials of public and privately-held companies. He has played a significant role in M&A activity, consulting with publicly-held firms on acquisitions and divestitures. He also consults on valuations and branding. He lectures at major universities and teaches at specialty financial schools.