Golden Triangle Ventures Inc. (OTC:GTVH) Stock Pulls Back: Here is Why

In light of the news announced by the company last Friday, it is likely that Golden Triangle Ventures Inc. (OTC:GTVH) stock will come on the radars of investors this morning. The company announced on June 14 that it had been provided with the financial commitment for the launch of a full-service, internal freight brokerage venture. Golden Triangle Ventures noted in the news release that the new business would be aimed at boosting the logistics capabilities of the company considerably.

The company decided to opt for the initiative after it completed the acquisition of Cargo Management Group from TK Zorro LLC. The acquisition included a brokerage business, a logistics operation, licenses, and other related assets. It was also revealed in the news release that Golden Triangle Ventures management was working on the complete transition of Cargo Management Group and its logistics brokerage business so that an extra income stream with strong potential for growth could be established.

The company revealed that the new freight brokerage business unit would deploy the infrastructure that had been recently acquired with the strong networks of Cargo Management Group. In 2023, Cargo Management Group had generated as much as $3 million in revenues. The networks would help Cargo Management provide full-service logistics solutions to its varied group of clients. The services would also include freight brokerage.

It was revealed that once the full transition of the business was completed, Cargo Management would provide its clients with a unique service that would meet their needs and also take care of the overflow by way of freight brokerage services. Cargo Management Group would also set up a new location so as to launch its freight brokerage business. The new location would also be serviced by a call center for the purpose of driving sales.