Golden Grail Technology Corp. (OTC:GOGY) Stock In Focus Extension of Partnership with NASCAR

Among the many companies that hit the news cycle on Thursday, Golden Grail Technology Corp. (OTC:GOGY) was perhaps one of the most noteworthy ones. The company announced that it was in talks with Ryan Ellis, the NASCAR Xfinity Series driver, with regards to the enhancement and extension of the existing partnership. If the deal gets completed, then Golden Grail Technology would embark on a commitment to support the full-time racing schedule of Ellis with Alpha Prime Racing this year.

The company also noted that it would also be a demonstration of the fruitful partnership that it had struck with Ellis. In the news release, the company stated that Ellis, who had built up a reputation on the back of his tenacity and racing legacy, had become a significant member of the Golden Grail family. Due to the success of the collaboration over the past year, the company stated that it was excited to continue to link its brand to Ellis’ work on the NASCAR circuit.

A spokesperson for the company spoke about the developments as well and elaborated on the company’s decision to work on an extension of the association. It was revealed that Ryan Ellis was a representation of the relentless energy and passion that were associated with the company’s Spider Energy drink.

The company was keen to continue with the collaboration and support Ellis in his full-time commitment to the Xfinity Series. The spokesperson went on to add that the dedication to the sport that had been demonstrated by Ellis resonated with Golden Grail as a brand. The collaboration was especially important for the company since it was looking to expand its representation with Ellis to include the KOZ Water brand of beverages. It could be a good time to add the stock to your watch lists.

Jon Williams

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