Ubiquitech Software Corp (OTC:UBQU) Stock On Watchlist After Latest News

Key strategic moves from companies can often lead to considerable attention from investors and on that note, many investors would possibly be interested in taking a closer look at Ubiquitech Software Corp (OTC:UBQU) this morning. On February 8 the company announced that it had gone for yet another strategic move with regards to the acquisition of Innovative Outcomes Inc, a major operator in the medical wound care space.

In the news release, the company announced that it expected unprecedented growth thanks to a range of innovative marketing initiatives that would unlock the value of the new partnership. It was also noted that Innovative Outcomes was on the precipice of completing its path breaking ‘Lifestyle’ video library. The library had been designed to impart education to patients and professionals about the merits of the Innovative Outcomes brand. The videos provide a closer look into the importance of exercising, having a balanced diet and being diligent with attending appointments with physicians. The video library would help in promoting the Innovative Outcomes brand with millions of potential patients.

In the news release yesterday Ubiquitech Software Corp noted that the impact of the acquisition would be significant and particularly in the diabetes healthcare system. It was further noted that in excess of $40 billion was spent every year on 30 billion diagnosed individuals. The task of accessing the video tutorials was made easier through smooth integration with a number of platforms like text, video, QR codes, email, secured portal and more. The Chief Executive Officer of Ubiquitech Software Corp James Ballas spoke about the latest developments as well. He noted that as the company approached the final stages of the acquisition, it was important for potential investors to know about the possibility of fast growth for the acquisition target. He went on to add that the video marketing program was only a part of the strategy.