InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTC:INND) Stock in Focus After Latest News

This morning investors are expected to look into those companies that may have come into focus on Tuesday, and one of the companies that could well be on their radar could be InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. (OTC:INND).

The company is an emerging and disruptive player in the field of over-the-counter hearing aids. Yesterday, announced that the first exclusive interview with the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Matthew Moore, had been made available. During the course of the interview, Moore provided insights into some of the recent milestones hit by the company and also discussed the latest developments.

It ought to be noted that the company managed to penetrate the market successfully and currently boasts considerable shelf space at major retailers. It is positioned to help more than 40 million Americans and more than 1.5 billion people worldwide who suffer from hearing impairments. The major boost for the company came about following legislation that allowed people in need of hearing aids to purchase the products from major retailers and pharmacy chains.

The company’s products are also available at thousands of independent pharmacies. Moore noted that it now had access to more than 10,000 independent pharmacies, which would be able to order InnerScope Hearing Technologies’ products. He went on to add during the interview that the ‘best thing’ about the industry was that there were fewer than five competing companies for the vast market. In a news release yesterday, it was also announced that would host a question-and-answer session for shareholders of the company. The questions would need to be submitted by email or through a phone call by 5 p.m. Eastern Time on September 18.

There have been some major developments pertaining to InnerScope Hearing Technologies this year so far, and one of the more important ones came about on April 5. On that day, the company announced the launch of its HearingAssist brand. The brand offers over-the-counter rechargeable hearing aids that are registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration. Some of the other products under the brand include the EZHear Neckband Amplifier and a range of other branded hearing products, as well as hearing-related supplies.

At the time, the company had announced that the HearingAssist brand had been on the verge of becoming the top over-the-counter hearing aid brand in America, having sold over 500,000 hearing aids. The company announced that the HearingAssist Hearing Products and HearingAssist Rechargeable OTC Hearing Aids products had been made available on

That would give InnerScope Hearing Technologies the possibility of selling the products to Walgreens customers spread across the United States who need hearing aids. At the time, Matthew Moore noted that the company had continued to deliver on its business-to-business sales growth goals, and the launch on was a demonstration of that. He went on to note that the feature-rich hearing aids started at $499 a pair and were far cheaper than other hearing aids, which cost thousands of dollars.

Madison Hall

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