Penny Stocks to Watch: RJDG, WTII, GSAC, GEMZ, NDEV

There is a vibrant market for penny stocks among investors, and every day thousands upon thousands of investors look for the next big thing in the segment. However, it is important to conduct diligent research in order to accomplish that. This feature would provide a look into penny stocks that could be added to watch lists.

RJD Green Inc. (OTC:RJDG) On September 12, the company announced that it had been successful in the implementation of the StoneAPP. RJD Green Inc. announced that StoneAPP was a software program focused on Stone Grid Operations that had been specifically designed for servicing the stone fabrication industry.

In the news release, it was further noted that the latest offering would boost inventory accuracy and other associated operations and production functions. The task related to the inventory of stone materials is regarded as one of the more critical tracking tasks and calls for extreme precision. The software would provide a thorough bar-coding process related to pattern location, slab color, and the status of the related materials, among other things.

However, that is not all. It would also provide advanced-level accuracy pertaining to the estimation of costs and the project design. There are other cost-saving features integrated into the software as well. Those include job tracking, enhanced accounting information, installation planning, and management of labor costs. The company’s management noted that the software could lead to yearly savings of more than $300,000.

Water Technologies International Inc. (OTC: WTII) The company is a leading player in the technology related to atmospheric water generators’ production and design. Water Technologies International Inc. is also involved in water treatment, and on Tuesday the company announced that it had inked an agreement to acquire Tequila Dios Azul LLC, a California-based company registered in Delaware.

Dios Azul Tequila is based out of Jalisco, Mexico, where the town of Tequila had the first ever tequila factory in 1600. Tequila is important to California because it comes from Jalisco. It has been licensed in the state of California and is expected to gain a license for Arizona soon. The Chief Executive Officer of Water Technologies International, William Scott Tudor, spoke about the latest development.

He noted that it was necessary for the company to diversify its sources of revenue. He went on to note that the company was looking for another acquisition so as to create a larger market for its water products in the upcoming years.

GelStat Corporation (OTC: GSAC): The company, which is currently in the development stage, is involved in the development, research, and marketing of engineered solutions meant for clean energy and industrial security spaces. Yesterday, GelStat Corporation announced that GSAC Engineering, a subsidiary it had recently established, had completed the acquisition of some vital intellectual property assets from Duos Technologies Group Inc.

GSAC is involved in supplying engineering solutions for important infrastructure like security, information technology, and environmental systems, among others. As per the terms of the deal, the Intelligent Correctional Facilities Automation Systems business line from Duos would be transferred to GSAC. That would give GSAC the freedom to move into new markets and products. The intellectual property assets acquired by GSAC included engineering designs, infrastructure, foundational operating environment software, and processes with the requisite technology management. All that would go into providing support to the high- to medium-security facilities that GSAC is currently servicing.

GEMXX Corporation (OTC: GEMZ) The company is a leading player in the ammolite mine-to-market industry. On Tuesday, GEMXX Corporation announced that the demand for its GEMXX Ammolite had grown considerably in jewelry designs by Kenneth Bradley. In the new release, the company also revealed that the presence of its GEMXX Ammolite had expanded not only in the United States but also worldwide. Kenneth Bradley is the host of live on-air events that demonstrate the unique GEMXX ammolite gemstones from Kenneth Bradley designs.

In March this year, that company also inked an exclusive ammolite supply agreement with Canadian Ammolite Gems by Kenneth Bradley. Bradley, who is the owner of Canadian Ammolite Gems, noted that GEMXX Corporation supplied the finest ammolite gems in the world, and hence, it had been chosen as the exclusive supplier.

Novus Acquisition & Development Corp. (OTC: NDEV) The national supplement health insurance carrier was in focus yesterday after it emerged that it had inked a strategic partnership with emerging biotech firm Branded Legacy Inc. Novus Acquisition & Development Corp. is a pioneer in providing health plans involving cannabis for both medical and recreational use.

The partnership would involve the significantly large distribution network of dispensaries operated by Novus Acquisition. It would function as the distributor and promoter of the formulations from Branded Legacy to its policyholders and other health carriers that integrated its benefit packages.

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