Metatron Apps Inc. (OTC:MRNJ) Stock In Focus After Latest News

The artificial intelligence space is expected to be the next major frontier in the tech sector, and investors are naturally looking into companies that are blazing a trail in that industry. One such company is Metatron Apps Inc. (OTC:MRNJ), which is regarded as one of the major players in the artificial intelligence-powered solutions space.

The stock could be the one to watch out for this morning in light of the announcement made by the company on Monday. Metatron Apps came into focus yesterday after it introduced its extensive all-in-one platform that would empower content creators, marketers, and businesses considerably in their quest to create appealing content at never-before-seen speeds. The company announced that in addition to those powerful features, the platform would also help in making considerable savings in costs when compared to traditional human-based content creation methods. The platform offers a text-to-video service, and yesterday the company provided a look into it through its official TikTok channel.

The platform would use the power of artificial intelligence, which would provide users with the power to produce video content at unprecedented speeds. The platform can turn the texts in blog posts, social media posts, articles, and product descriptions into videos quickly, which helps in disseminating them to the target audience at high speed. Additionally, the considerable reduction in costs for businesses would allow them to deploy capital effectively in other areas, and hence, it would also lead to a higher return on investment.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Joe Riehl, spoke about the development as well. He noted that, due to the rapid evolution of the digital space, the work related to content creation has become much more vital. He went on to note that the offering from Metatron would provide users with a compelling new option for the purpose.

The company is one of the better-known outfits in the realm of mobile app development and has developed more than 2,000 apps so far. In fact, many of the apps created by Metatron have also hit the top 20 lists in the app stores.

On September 11, the company announced that it had entered into a partnership with the blockchain-based cryptocurrency pioneer HempCoin (THC). On the same day, the two companies made a joint statement pertaining to the establishment of a joint venture that would develop an advanced mobile game that would go on to change the gaming experience of players across the world.

The developers from the two companies would collaborate on a game that would be inspired by Farmville but with a unique twist. It would provide players with the option of starting and managing their own cannabis dispensaries. The eventual aim would be to build a massive cannabis business. The game would also introduce Artificial Intelligence Non-Playable Characters (AI NPCs), which would provide characters in the game with specific personalities and memories of past interactions with the players.

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