Penny Stocks to Watch: BRZV, MRES, HHSE, FPBC, ETRGF

Penny stocks allow investors to take a big position in a stock for a relatively low outlay. Hence, there is always the possibility of making considerable profits if the stocks move up. This feature would provide you with a closer look into five penny stocks, which you could consider adding to your watch list.

Breezer Ventures Inc. (OTC:BRZV) The company is one of the pioneering names in the world of luxury lifestyle branding and is currently looking to make a dent in the liquor industry. On August 10, the company announced that it had launched its new exclusive corporate website for its top-of-the line brand, Magnum. The website can be visited at In the news release, the company announced that the highly sophisticated website had been designed with considerable care to highlight the products, heritage, expertise, and community.

The website also highlighted the fact that the products also abided by the strictest standards in terms of disclosure and provided potential investors access to the filings from the company with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The company noted that Magnum 1770 was one of its more important projects. It would help in combining distilling tradition from centuries ago with advanced bag-in-box technology. The product would offer new-age branding and packaging, which would help in changing the expectations of major lifestyle brands, as per Breezer Ventures.

Institute of Biomedical Research Corp. (OTC: MRES) The company is involved in the nutraceutical biotech space and is a specialist in medical psilocybin, plant-based CBDs, and advanced artificial intelligence-powered research into mental health therapeutics. On September 15, the Institute of Biomedical Research Corp. provided an update about the webinar that it hosted on September 13 titled ‘Pharmacology and Clinical Application of CBD’. In the news release, the company acknowledged that there was a knowledge deficit among healthcare practitioners about CBD and its effects.

The company invited two experts, Prof. Vishesh Maharaj and Dr. Skye Scott, to participate in the webinar. Maharaj was responsible for providing the attendees of the webinar with a guide to the chemical compounds and pharmacology of CBD. He also provided an explanation of the methodologies deployed in isolating and extracting CBD from the cannabis plant. Dr. Scott provided a look into the benefits and risks of using CBD. However, she acknowledged that there was a shortage of information for providing a defined protocol related to the general treatment of human beings.

Hannover House Inc. (OTC: HHSE) The independent studio operator was in the news cycle this past Friday after it made an announcement about IntelliMation AI, its newly formed business division. Hannover House Inc. revealed that the division had managed to successfully attract a commitment for private investment to produce the first fully artificial intelligence and CGI-generated feature film in the world. The film, which the company noted would be a fantasy feature with family appeal, had been titled ‘Journey to Utopia’.

Additionally, the film would also feature a notable voice cast made up of Academy Award-winning stars and box office talents. Hannover House further noted that the visuals of the film would be completely generated through advanced artificial intelligence-powered visual rendering. The company revealed that it had targeted Academy Award-winning actors like Forest Whitaker, Shirley Maclaine, and Kim Basinger to be the voice artists for the film.

Friendly Hills Bancorp (OTC: FPBC): The company, which is the holding company for First Pacific Bank (the bank), announced on September 15 that it had completed its corporate rebranding. Additionally, Friendly Hills Bancorp also revealed that it had officially changed its name to First Pacific Bancorp. In the news release, the company noted that in December last year, it changed the name of its fully-owned subsidiary to First Pacific Bank from Friendly Hills Bank.

On June 27, 2023, the shareholders of the company provided their approval for rebranding. Other than the name change, the ticker symbol represents its common stock as well. The company would continue to be listed on the OTC Markets Pink tier, but the new ticker symbol would be FPBC. The shareholders would not need to take any action in light of the changes.

Entourage Health Corp. (OTC: ETRGF) The Canadian cannabis producer and distributor of award-winning cannabis products made a significant announcement on September 15. Entourage Health Corp. announced that it had inked an amended supply agreement with the firm HEXO Corp.

One of the key amendments was that the company would continue to have access to high-quality cannabis biomass in bulk for its portfolio of products. Additionally, the prices of all the products that would be supplied under the agreement would be fixed. However, limited changes could be made as per the prevailing production costs.