Pressure Biosciences Inc (OTC:PBIO) Stock Reporting New Client Launching Around UltraShear Nanoemulsions Platform

There are a number of companies which are expected to be in focus among investors this morning due to key developments last week and one such company could be Pressure Biosciences Inc (OTC:PBIO). The company, a major innovator in the distribution and development of pressure based instruments for various industries, was in focus on January 18 following a key announcement.

The company announced at the time that it had received an Open Order Agreement pertaining to the purchase of at least 10000 units of Pressure Biosciences’ Nano-CBD Tropical Spray in 2024. The company noted that the order would command a value of more than $300,000. It was revealed in the news release that an initial shipment would be made in the upcoming weeks from the west coast based manufacturing partners of Pressure Biosciences. The following shipments would follow once the first one is completed.

The order had been placed by VICAR Holdings LLC that had been established not too long ago with central health and wellness as its mission, with the focus on the sales of the highest quality products online. The online store and website are currently in construction and the product meant for beta testing would begin in March this year. In the second fiscal quarter of 2024 there would be the fully fledged sales launch.

The company would sell the Nano-CBD Tropical Spray from Pressure Biosciences as PrescriptionGrade Nano-CBD. The product had been developed through the deployment of the company’s UltraShear technology. That technology is patented. The Director of Marketing and Sales at the company John Hollister spoke about the development as well. He noted that it was a great development that Pressure Biosciences had started off the New Year with strong momentum. He went on to note that after having made the Uncle Bud’s announcement the previous week, the latest development was a demonstration of the strong momentum.

Jon Williams

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