Spooz Inc. (OTC:SPZI) Stock Extends Rally: What’s the Buzz?

As another trading week begins, it may be a good time for investors to take a look into some of the companies that were in the news cycle this past Friday. On January 19, JP 3E Holdings Inc., previously known as Spooz Inc. (OTC:SPZI), announced that it had completed the acquisition of CIG International and would operate it as its fully owned subsidiary unit.

More importantly, the company announced that through its acquisition of CIG International, it had managed to strengthen its standing with the United States Department of Homeland Security and US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Spooz announced that it managed to accomplish it through financial support from the EB-5 Integrity Fund. The financial support had helped in providing support to the EB-5 Regional Center Program.

In light of the completion of the transaction, investors could do well to take a closer look at CIG International as a company. It is an investment management and services entity specializing in foreign investments, mergers and acquisitions, and start-up ventures. CIG had been established in 1998 in Canada in the form of a consulting firm focused on foreign investments. Three years later, the company was incorporated in South Korea and went on to further expand its investment services network.

Due to its growing list of high-net-worth clients, CIG started providing mergers and acquisitions, start-up investment, and management services in 2012. Over the years, it has been instrumental in providing its clients effective advisory and consulting services in the financial domain. Those services allowed the clients to identify opportunities overseas and eventually make strong business decisions. The acquisition could well prove to be a significant one for Spooz in the larger scheme of things and provide the company with an entry into a wide range of opportunities that could be synergistic.