Wanderport Corporation (OTC:WDRP) Stock Gains Momentum: Here Is Why

On Thursday, Wanderport Corporation (OTC:WDRP) was one of the companies that came into focus among investors in a big way after it came up with a corporate update and also provided an outline pertaining to its growth plans in the near term. The company operates as a holding company and is focused on the energy, health technology, and clean mobility sectors.

The company announced that recently it had made a move into the oil and gas market by way of the assets it acquired from the AZ Desert. Those assets consist of a range of working interests in 36 leases spread across more than 200 wells located in Oklahoma. In the news release, Wanderport Corporation noted that since the acquisition, it has focused on making its operations more efficient. The company also revealed that it was in talks with professionals from the oil and gas sector to oversee the growth of the oil and gas business.

Other than its oil and gas production investments, the company also functions in the capacity of a broker. As a broker, Wanderport Corporation makes introductions so that investors can participate in leases and eventually share the profits from production. It was also noted in the news release that the investment opportunities would be posted on the Wanderport Corporation website soon.

Another important announcement from the company was with regards to the fact that it was working on the acquisition of stakes in energy companies based outside of the United States and the rest of the world. The target of such a strategy is to boost its portfolio as well as its market presence globally. The company noted that it was involved in the evaluation of a potential acquisition of a company involved in refurbishing electric car batteries. More information would be provided once it became available.