Xalles Holdings Inc. (OTC:XALL) Stock Rallies After Acquiring a 25% Stake in AI Firm WooSender

The holdings company Xalles Holdings Inc. (OTC:XALL) may be one of the companies that could be on the radars of investors this morning following a key development on Thursday. The company, which focuses on financial services and innovative technology, announced yesterday that it had been successful in executing a purchase agreement with WooSender Inc.

WooSender is a leading firm in the artificial intelligence space and is based out of Philadelphia. The move from Xalles to acquire a 25% stake in WooSender was described as a strategic one since the transaction marked further expansion for the company in the artificial intelligence sector.

WooSender, which boasts as many as 53000 users, is well-known for its artificial intelligence-powered solutions. It serves small businesses, and some of its better-known clients include the United States Army. Some of the services offered by WooSender include email, phone calls, live chat, and SMS, among others. The company designed the services in such a way as to enhance appointment scheduling as well as business communication through automation. Additionally, it is also in compliance with HIPAA, which provides WooSender with a significant competitive advantage in the artificial intelligence industry.

As per the provisions of the agreement, Xalles Holdings would provide considerable business development support to WooSender, with particular focus on the bigger markets. Xalles would also provide help in creating a business road map that would focus on eventually having an initial public offering on a major stock exchange.

The Chief Executive Officer of Xalles Holdings, Thomas Nash, spoke about the latest move from the company. He noted that the capabilities of WooSender were complementary to AI Growth Hub, a Xalles Holdings subsidiary. He went on to note that, as a company, Xalles Holdings was committed to expanding its artificial intelligence footprint across a number of markets.

Ian Leigh

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