Is the Hoopla Around Western Sierra Resource Corp (OTCMKTS: WSRC) Real?

Western Sierra Resource Corp (OTCMKTS: WSRC) moved past the roof when it soared 841.51% yesterday and exited the market at a share price of $0.25, moving close to its 52-week high of $0.26. Its day range was $0.027 – $0.26, which was even higher than the 52-week high. The skyrocketing move of the company is attributed to its recent announcement of entering into strategic property acquisition along with the partner, Global Hemp Group Inc. This is the second such acquisition. Through this buyout, the company will be engaged in developing Northwest Colorado-based Colorado Hemp Agro-Industrial Zone or HAIZ. 

New acquisition: The catalyst for PUD for green homes

The acquisition is a fully executed contract of the company for buying out a land spread over 175 net acres. This entitled and annexed land will serve as the company’s catalyst for Planned Unit Development for “affordable and green homes.” This will also assist in irrigated cultivation of industrial hemp. 

The master plan

Western Sierra Resource Corp is pitching on its “Master Plan” for attracting and showcasing industrial hemp, along with related technologies, to the world. These technologies revolve around carbon neutral/negative and green building. 

For this purpose, the company has already started engaging engineering and land planning firms. The company is supposed to share transaction details along with features in the upcoming events. The purpose is the fruition of HAIZ. 

In its statement, the company added that it is “championing hemp as a key to the carbon reducing building sciences revolution.” The company aims at offering green or renewable products to jump on the bandwagon that the world is gradually hopping on. In the near future, the company hopes to secure strategic vertical integration by processing and growing hemp. Western Sierra Resource Corp said that it is “desperately” wanting to win the war against global warming. 

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